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Frequently Asked Questions

What Rcolabs Stand for?

Rcolabs is conceptualized to build collaboration between various players in Industry ecosystem including peers. We believe, it is important to respond to every business opportunity in timely manner and that is possible when whole ecosystem collaborates.

What is collaboration for Rcolabs?

Collaboration is when peers make spare capacity available to somebody who needs it at that point in time and in the process benefits themselves by monetizing unused resource. It also means that whole ecosystem is easily accessible and provides suitable options to choose from when one needs resource to execute business. Vision of Rcolabs is to extend this collaboration beyond Resourcing needs

What Rcolabs offer to Partner companies?

Rcolabs offers a one-stop platform for all real time resourcing needs. Provides a wide range of skilled resources for specific needs. It makes it very easy to recruit from a pool of resource from wide range of colleges. It also provides a platform to optimize spare capacity.

What about my data?

Data is stored very securely. Algorithm is such that data privacy is maintained at all cost. And you always are in control to decide who sees what of your data.

Is Rcolabs limited to specific type of Industry?

No, Rcolabs caters for all types of industries and in fact want to foster a cross industry collaboration along side peer to peer collaboration.

What Rcolabs offers to Colleges?

As it is physically not possible for every company to reach out to every campus, Rcolabs helps bridge this gap by bringing students to the companies and allowing them to search and select based on their specific needs.

What Rcolabs offers to manpower consultants?

Rcolabs is a collaboration platform for industry. Manpower Consultants are able to offer their ready available resources to partners on this platform. With one stop platform for all resourcing needs, Rcolabs will become a defacto choice for real time resourcing needs

How do partners come onboard Rcolabs?

Coming onboard Rcolabs platform is very easy. Your account is created with very basic details and contract is signed. You may use your own XLS template to upload data. You may as well create individual records and You are ready to use the platform.

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“It is a very novel concept and in my view is a need of the hour. To optimize all resource for the best return on investment. This truly will help everybody win

-Mahendra Agrawal, Mahendra Group

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