Rcolabs is an Industry collaboration platform with an aim to foster cooperation between industry peers on multiple levels. We work with a motto “Together we win”.

In the current business scenario with rapidly changing technology, fast-moving opportunities, ever-demanding customers and cost pressures it is difficult to anticipate nature and quantum of skills needed to execute business. If we don’t respond quickly, opportunity disappears. As an industry-standard, we build capacity in anticipation, but when deals don’t materialize, we are saddled with capacity and unsustainable cost. This results in making a tough call of letting go employees that is detrimental to the brand value and society at large.

Talent sourcing is fragmented, we end up seeking talent only from the sources known to us rather than taking a holistic approach to hiring. The overall cost of hiring a misfit talent is high as customers demand niche skills for specialized jobs. At times the lifespan of the job is short, and we want to be flexible with the expensive talent that we work with.

We have built a platform for interaction and collaboration between organizations to create a collative pool of talent that is wider than the individual pools. We provide quantum, variety and opportunity to monetize spare capacity for partners. This will enhance our partner’s ability to respond to opportunities quickly and reduce risks to project execution. Once the project is complete, the resource can be monetized by deploying for requirements amongst other partners in the ecosystem. While this arrangement helps on cost, it enhances employee satisfaction utilizing their ability to work on a variety of requirements. The Rcolabs platform will eliminate the need to reduce employee strength as a tool to save cost.

We also intend to flip the paradigm of how we seek talent i.e. instead of expecting talent to respond to our requirement, we want to seek specific talent for our requirements. The platform brings together sources of talent including colleges, skill centers, consultants that organizations can leverage. The Rcolabs Platform will provide partners an integrated holistic view of available talent across these sources enabling them to select best-fit resources for their requirements.

With most of the industry pundits predicting that 70% of resourcing will be floating going forward, this platform acts as an enabler by blurring boundaries between companies. It is a forward step towards what is inevitable.


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