Let’s Collaborate to grab every Business Opportunity that comes our way.

Together We Win



What We Do

Quick Response is crucial

Opportunities will  not wait till sourcing lead times, cut it down with RCOLABS

Improved Top Line

Opportunity serviced adds to Top / Bottom lines, Rcolab keeps strengthening it

Right Skills for Job

Why take risk when you can source right skill for the job from RCOLABS

Prediction Predicament

Prediction can go wrong, minimize impacts on business with RCOLABS

All Skills Inventory

Why maintain inventory of all skills, you can source it real time from RCOLABS

Streamlined Sourcing

Tap every source to seek right skill at optimal price with RCOLABS

Brand Image matters

Avoid damage to Brand Image as you can protect every job with Rcolab

A Happy Customers

Mitigate risks to project deliveries with Just in time skill sourcing in RCOLABS

Stakeholders in collaboration 


Recruit for Realtime requirements
Recruit for temporary requirements
Resources for niche skills
Tap alternate sources for Talent
Monetize spare resource 


Skill Centres

Platform to place skilled resources
Exposure to wide range of opportunities
Structured approach to placement
Niche skills repository
Track Placement of Trained resources
Based in displayed requirements these centre’s can design training programs.


One-stop-shop view for Campus Recruitment
Exposure to wider opportunities
opportunities for Internships
Track of placement for students
Opportunities beyond campus
Could collaborate for research with industries


Exposure to wide range of opportunities
Structured market place
Right price for right skills
Flexibility in seeking opportunities
Platform to showcase talent
Exposure to a large database of requirements

What Partner Say

“It is a very novel concept and in my view is a need of the hour. To optimize all resource for the best return on investment. This truly will help everybody win”

Mahendra Agrawal, Mahendra Group

“With Rcolabs becoming one stop platform for all our resourcing needs, be it collaboration resource, agency resource, freelancers or college freshers, it is a very convenient way to seek right talent just in time”

Akshay Tyagi, Wikka Group

“This platform aims to bridge the gap between companies and colleges. This collaboration will increate the exposure of college students to wide range of companies, thus helping students find jobs easily”

R S Dhiran, REC, Nagpur

Getting Started is Easy


Free Trial

Resonates with your requirement? Start a free trial immediately to checkout various features of the RCOLABS platform


Sign a contract

Like what you experience in Free trail, explore various commercial options and sign a contract with RCOLABS

Configure Platform

Based on contract and preferences, quickly configure platform to customize for your requirement and rollout


Start Using

Once the platform is configured per your preferences, it is ready for you to start sourcing your requirements real-time and keep delighting customers with always ready to respond attitude

Characteristics of Platform



  • Platform build based on strong security considerations
  • Leveraging AWS / Azure security provisions
  • Safeguards for data privacy
  • Controlled data visibility
  • Algorithm to ensure data privacy
  • Authorization based data access and distribution
  • Complete audit trail of actions on the platfom


  • Bring your format for data upload
  • Choose your method to interface with platform
  • Decide on users you want to create
  • Control Roles and Responsibilities
  • Choose between NLP / Structured Search
  • Slice and dice data the way you want
  • Choose flexible commercial model


  • Single Location or Multi location set-up
  • Hierarchical organizations
  • Multiple industry sectors / Domains
  • Support high volume transactions and high availability
  • Extend for multi currency support
  • Supports B2B and B2C models.


  • Can be accessed over wide range of channels
  • Allow extended access to wider teams in controlled manner
  • Extensive support available for any help
  • Seamless onboarding without any intrusive development on customers